Meet the Trainer

Tony Henline KPA-CTP

I am the owner of and trainer for Totally Happy Dog Training and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP). I have been working with dogs professionally for almost 10 years, starting out as a pet care professional with Fetch! Pet Care of Silver Spring where I learned first hand, from many different dogs, just how true it is that every dog is an individual. I continue to work with Fetch! in the capacity of new employee education and by providing insight when their pet care professionals need help to make sure caring for any specific dogs is as enjoyable and positive for everyone involved as possible. 

After deciding that I wished to continue working with dogs, I began volunteering with the wonderful non-profit organization Your Dog's Friend. There, I assisted with Puppy Kindergarten classes regularly for over a year as well as coaching in their Reactive Dog classes and representing them at various local events. Between this work and my own training, I now find myself using the skills I learned as part of my Hospitality Management degree in ways that I never would have imagined before. The longer I work with dogs through fostering, training, care giving and more, it becomes increasingly apparent to me just how important it is for people and their dogs to become a team so that they can be totally happy together.